Adventure 03 – Traditional Family Camping

For about the past 60 years my family has been taking an annual camping trip as a sort of mini family reunion & our friends. The locations have varied over the years as one generation passes the baton to another but the camping is always memorable.

This year, the camping trip was relatively close to home (no pun intended). Farragut state park, ID hosted this year’s family & friend gathering. Senior Management & I were lucky enough to have our work schedules work out so we could attend again this year. The family & friends have larger RVs than our little jPod so a traditional campground was called for. When we arrived, I realized that this was the first time the jPod has actually seen a “typical” camp ground.

We arrived on a Friday night in the middle of a torrential rain & hail storm. It was getting colder (40 degrees Fahrenheit). Yet we had a long extension cord & a space heater. The heater ran for about 2 minutes & it was too hot in the jPod for a normal human being. Senior Management loved the temperature.

One new feature to the jPod since my last post is the addition of the slide out Camp Chef Oven. I managed to get it installed before our departure & it worked really well. Senior Management cranked out some tasty meals from the back of our little jPod.  As the pictures (below) show, the galley is functional but not completed.  I’ve focused on camping & teaching recently.  Winter work will be done on the jPod.  Winter is rapidly approaching too (it was 16 degrees last night).  I have added some pictures to the Galley part of this website that indicate some progress with the camp chef oven.

It was interesting being the smallest RV in the campground. We kept getting inquisitive looks & subtle pointing & whispering. I’ve heard the stories of teardrop owners who were trying to sleep in their tear while curious campers stopped by & examined their rig (thinking no one was there). I expected this bold camper attitude. Only one man was brave enough to come by & look. I was happy to show him around & we traded stories for a while.

There may have been other observers while we were gone hiking for several hours on Saturday.

Saturday night we had a mini DOG (dutch oven gathering). We had some amazing cornbread, scalloped potatoes, chicken & wild rice, & a cherry chocolate pudding. It was amazing.

Sunday morning, we packed up our things and got back home so I could prepare to teach for another week.

It was another great trip.

Here are a few pics:

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  1. Wow, you guys take your camping seriously. That looks like lots of fun. It sounds like the trailer is a fun and useful project.

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