The Assistant to the Senior Manager

Filling the jPod Bunk Bed

I never thought I’d fall in love with a hairy toothless…woman but I have.  The jPod camping crew is embarking on its greatest adventure.  The Little Assistant to the Senior Management was born in good health and cuter than any baby I’ve ever seen (of course).  Once Mom (better known as Senior Management) and I have collected ourselves and adjusted to a family of three, we plan to go camping.  I’ve already made some plans to camp before the snow flies (which is soon).

Little baby is a great sleeper and is pretty mellow.  We’re quite spoiled.  I have already become accustomed to the smell of fresh poop in the morning.  It’s not like coffee -for sure- but it does bring a measure of joy.

At the beginning of the jPod build, there was some debate about how long to make it.  8′ or 10′ were the options as we tried to determine the best fit for us.  In the end, we chose the 10′ because Senior Management claimed that the extra real-estate could hold children.  Senior Management is Senior Management because she can see things that I cannot.  So, a 10″ trailer it is.  Bunk bed for children installed.  Freshly finished & now ready for its new charge.

Not much more to say except we’re happy and can’t wait to introduce her to the adventures of camping.

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  1. So exciting! Are there pictures of the bunk? I don’t remember if I saw it when I visited… Hope your camping trip goes/went well!

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