Googly Eyes & Clones


“Everything I buy is vintage and smells funny.” – Lucy Liu

The Overland Trailer crew are hard a work building some new vintage-looking 58 Heald teardrop trailers. Soon new campers can have new adventures!

As we’ve worked in the Overland shop, I dug through some inherited tools and found a great set of vintage welding goggles.  I think the new look will start a trend.  What do you think?

As many people know, the Overland Trailer website is not just a place where you can order your new custom camping vehicle.  It is also the host site for the jPod prototype build plans.  Home-builders are constantly referencing these plans and emailing questions (about 1500 website hits a week).  It is a privilege to help kindred spirits who like the DIY teardrop.

One particular kindred spirit is Ken.  He emailed me over a year ago and asked some questions.  I wrote some answers and made some design change suggestions.  From there, Ken tossed together a taste of the jPod with his own innovation and made a great teardrop trailer.  Check out his blog here.  His trailer may look familiar.  He did a great job and his craftsmanship is second to none.

Ken isn’t the only builder out there making a jPod look-a-like.  There are builders in Ohio (USA), Lima (Peru), and Santa Cruz (Costa Rica) who are also building clones.

Camping and building trailers are great summer activities.  Remember, if you’re only into camping, we at Overland Trailer can make you one.  After welding in long sleeves & heavy gloves  in 100 degree weather for two days, I can’t wait to do it again!



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