"Historic Camping & Teardrop Trailers" Documentary

What People are Saying:

  • “I got the DVD today, all I say WOW what a great film. Great history lesson. I watched it with my daughter who is in 7th grade. I’ll be ordering another copy to donate to her history class. Thanks again for taking the time to put this together and for being a caring teacher for our children.”
    •  Ken (http://kensteardrop.blogspot.com/)
  • “Absolutely a great piece of work! EVERYONE needs to get a copy!!!  Thanks Mark!!! (Loved the blooper real too. I bet there was more)”
    • – Chris’ Autobody Restoration Service (www.CARSofComfrey.com)
  • Great Job Mark! I love the film. I’m getting it on Blu Ray. Thanks for the time and effort you put into this project. I’m sure it will inspire the young folk to leave their rooms and pc’s behind and get out and do things. Again, Great Job!”
    • -Kevin (http://www.kitemonger.com/)
  • “Congrats on a fine addition to the Tear Drop world”
    • – Dave (http://www.simmonscabinetandtrim.com/)
  • “We just watched this a while ago and I just wanted to say how awesome it was. This’ll definitely be a repeat-watch for awhile. RV crazy had a little blurb about TDs. This whole production is about TDs. Its great!”
    • – Joshua (Teardrop Builder)
  • “Bought it, loved it…and will re-watch many times.”
    • – Marge (Member of Tin Can Tourist)
  •  “I showed it to a friend who doesn’t even quite understand what a teardrop is, thinks that a TAB is same thing, and here’s what he said. ”Just delightful!”  I can say the same thing. Simply delightful!”
    • Rob Fisher (member at Teardrops & Tiny Campers)
A trio of teardrops

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