On the Move

There has been little progress on the jPod.  I got sick with E.Coli and a broken nose (surgery soon). Senior Management and I are in the process of moving so the jPod has been a bit neglected.  The exciting bit though is that the new house will have a two car garage that doesn’t flood on a regular basis.  So It should be easier to work on the jPod this winter.

It is coming in quite handy to have the trailer -even unfinished.  I have loaded it up with all of the wood from my wood-shop and all of it’s own trailer parts etc.  When I pull it to the new house, I hope to feel a more accurate tongue weight as we drive (not completely accurate because the galley will not be loaded and a fair amount of weight will be there to pull the tongue up).

I’ll make updates as I can.

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