Teardrop Trailer Parts

The Best Teardrop Trailer Parts

You want quality parts that are teardrop trailer tested, easy to install, and will stand the test of years of camping.  This is our list of parts that we install on our own manufactured teardrop trailers that stand the test of time.

Why These Parts?

  1. Quality – These parts last a long time – ideally made in the USA – and don’t have a track record of warranty recalls.  In fact, some of these parts are made right here at Overland Teardrop Trailer.
  2. Sized Correctly – A teardrop is smaller than most RVs.  These parts don’t dominate a teardrop build while performing key functions for the teardrop camper.
  3. Future Proofed – All RV parts wear out.  These parts are in this list because we expect them to be easy to replace in the future (sizes, availability, mounting holes, etc).  So when something does wear out, replacing it is simple.

Not quite ready to buy parts yet?

If you want more information about choosing the right parts and materials, spend some time with Mark as he shares his experience building teardrops in the Expert Tips Video Lesson.

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