Progress Resumes in New Work Space

Well it has finally happened.  I had a few spare minutes to sort through some of the tools and scraps of wood enough that some progress could be made on the jPod.  Moving to a new house really messed up my build organization.  However, the move also provided me with a safe wheat-free environment & a new garage.

The new garage has really high ceilings (nearly 16′) and is deep enough to hold our Jeep, Subaru, and the jPod.  It is the perfect winter work space.

This past weekend, I skinned and test fit the galley hatch.  It went relatively well.  It wasn’t as frightening as I had anticipated.  There is still some fitting work which needs to be done, but overall I am pleased with the outcome.

It is really nice to be back to work on the jPod.  I hate seeing my work not complete.  If you’d like to see more photos of this part of the build, I have updated them on Body:External.

2 thoughts on “Progress Resumes in New Work Space”

  1. I need to visit your site to see your progress.

    I have seen those hinges. It looks solid & well thought out. I like them but for $20 a foot, I will stick with the the one I have.

    Actually, I liked the SO. Cal windows so much, I had to find some for my trailer (although not purchased from them).

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