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Pilot holes for screws to the roof spars

Expert Teardrop Building Tips

Build it once!  Build it Right!  In this video lesson, I highlight the three most important parts of a teardrop trailer build that I wish I’d known when I built my first one.  Based on over a decade and a half of commercial building, this is the most important advice I can give.

Free Teardrop Plans

Like most home builders, I learned a lot in my first teardrop trailer build.  This set of plans has inspired lots of other people to build a teardrop trailer.  I share all of the great things and my mistakes in these plans – as I originally write them in 2007. 

– Mark (Owner)

Teardrop YouTube

We have a growing library of DIY & builder videos, tips, and tutorials.

"Historic Camping & Teardrop Trailers" - The Film

In his book “The Handmade Teardrop Trailer”, Matt Berger claims that Overland Trailer is the historian for the teardrop trailer community.  It’s a compliment but I’ll let you decide if he’s right.  Watch the Amazon published documentary.

Build it Once! Built it Right!

Teardrop Trailer Plans & Parts

Plans and parts that are already tested on commercially produced trailers offer peace of mind knowing that the bones of a build are watertight, future-proofed, and durable.
Let your inner creative go wild adding all of those fun things you want in your teardrop knowing that your trailer is built to last.

Vintage Teardrop Trailer Plans

No one really knows who made the first teardrop trailer but there are a lot of historic published plans for teardrops in history.  We’ve collected all of these plans for your reference, inspiration, and in case you want to build a clone.

Simple Camping Podcast

If you’re a teardrop camper, you enjoy simple camping.  This podcast is dedicated to the simple camper of all kinds.