Axles for Teardrop Trailers

Getting Your Teardrop Trailer Axles
It’s good to know exactly how you plan to use your teardrop trailer when choosing between different axles.  Spring axles are a good all-around purpose axle.  Torsion axles are a smooth ride with mostly independent suspension, Timbren axles are excellent for off-road applications.
About These Axles

Where are they Made – All of our axles are made in the USA or Canada.  Some of these axles are made with imported parts.
Safety & Ride – These axles are easy to get inspected and approved as part of your DIY Teardrop Frame.  They are quality items with serial numbers and companies with good warranties.
Custom for Teardrop Trailers – These are the axles that we use at Overland Trailer for commercial built teardrops.  They are built with teardrop trailer frame dimensions, weight, and purpose (on or off-road) in mind.

Learn From Our Mistakes
When Mark (Founder @ Overland Trailer) built his first teardrop trailer, he chose the wrong axle and it cost him time and money.  Read about it here.

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