Teardrop Trailer CNC Files

Start building your dream teardrop trailer with our collection of CNC plans and files. Our designs make your build process easier, faster, and more enjoyable.

The final product is a teardrop that’s made with precision and accuracy that’s beautiful, functional, and durable.

Save time and effort with designs that have been manufactured and tested since 2008 at Overland Teardrop Trailer

Our collection includes the following plans and files:

5’x8′ Teardrop Trailer Body: A tried-and-true design with three different body styles to choose from. You’ll get a durable and reliable trailer without the hassle of figuring it out yourself.

Teardrop Trailer Galley Hatch Door: Say goodbye to making duplicate curved cuts with this tested and proven hatch door design. You’ll also have peace of mind knowing it’s strong enough to last.

5’x10′ Teardrop Trailer Body: Precise joinery and all the cuts needed for cabinetry and sidewalls. Three different body styles are available in the plans and files.

These CNC plans and files will make the build process smoother and more rewarding. Start building your dream trailer!

These files work with our Teardrop Camper Plans.

Please note that these CNC files and plans are for personal use only. We do not allow commercial use or distribution of our files without prior written consent. Thank you for your understanding.

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