5′ x 8′ Lite – Teardrop Trailer Body CNC Files


Use these CNC files to duplicate the 5′ x 8′ Heald Lite teardrop trailer body that went into production in 2009 at Overland Trailer – and still is today.

In files offer:

  • 3 Body Design options
  • Cutting patterns
  • Recommended bits, feeds, and speeds
  • Standard and Metric Measurements
  • These files are designed to go with the Teardrop Building Guide.


  • SVG FILES (CNC USERS) – 20 files

  • 10-PAGE PDF PRINTABLE FILE – Details on how to use the SVG files to make the different versions of the trailer, links to detailed video, depths, materials list, cutting diagrams, recommended bits, and suggested settings are included.

  • VIDEO TUTORIAL – Sharing tips for cutting these files on consumer-grade CNC machines.

Teardrop Trailer Body CNC Files and Guide - 5' x 8' Lite

“You can download the CNC files for a teardrop trailer body and start making your camper in a matter of minutes.

When I built my first teardrop in 2007, CNC was still pretty hard for most DIYers to access.  Now, you can download the same trailer that started Overland Trailer as a company in 2008 and make it with your own machine at home at the same level of precision and quality as a manufactured trailer.”

– Mark Janke (Owner at Overland Trailer)

CNC Machines

These files are designed to be used on all CNC platforms (commercial & consumer)
Our DIY builders usually cut their teardrops on these machines:

  • X-Carve Pro
  • Avid-CNC
  • Grizzly 4×8
  • OneFinity
  • ShopBot Standard


  • 20 SVG files for CNC cutting – They can be layered for different options
    • Trailer Sides
    • Nesting Galley Hatch Spars – all of the specialized skeletal pieces of the galley hatch
    • Cabinet Face and Countertop
    • Roof blocks – reinforce where the roof and wall meet for a solid long-lasting joint.
    • Measurements in both Standard and Metric
  • 10-page guide complete with links to:
    • Recommended bits and tools
    • Video tips for cutting the files
    • Recommended feeds and speeds
    • Layout suggestions for efficient use of materials
    • Some optional design ideas for the use of the leftover material.

Design Options

These files can be mixed and matched to make three different body options:

  1. The 58 Heald Lite – Our classic manufactured teardrop with an internal roof skin that has clean lines and spars that are placed for optimal use of materials and look.
  2. The Roof Profile Only – This design gives flexibility to install roof spars anywhere it works.  Use this design to make room for a big skylight, window, or other appliance while keeping a clean insulated interior roof.
  3. The Roof Spar Only Profile – This design allows a builder to make the teardrop lighter by removing the interior skin and insulation while keeping a vintage and clean look on the inside of the cabin.

Needed to Cut The Trailer

For the best results, use:

  • 4 sheets – 4′ x 8′ x 3/4″ Baltic Birch (18mm)
  • 1/4″ Spiral Downcut Bit – Our recommended bit is in the user’s manual
  • CNC Machine

Usage & Permissions

These files are for personal use only. 

Commercial Inquiries Here.

Copyright is not transferable upon sale.
It is illegal to sell, share, or distribute digital designs purchased from OverlandTrailer.com.
These files are copyrighted by Overland Trailer and Braxos Film LLC. 

Delivery Process

These files are available for immediate download after purchasing.  Simply click the download link to get the .zip file with the 

Returns Policy

Due to the nature of digital files, downloads from Overland Trailer are not returnable or refundable. All sales are final.

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