Teardrop Trailer Adventures

How We Camp in Our Teardrop Camper

These are my Teardrop Trailer Adventures!

“I built my first Teardrop Trailer (the JPod) in 2006.  At the time, I had no idea how impactful that one trailer would be on my life.  That first trailer has lead to so many camping adventures, so many new friendships, so many wonderful customers, a feature film, and so many more wonderful memories.”

Mark (Founder of Overlandtrailer.com)

Camping Intelligence

Camping can expand our intelligence.  I know that seems like a stretch but think about this with me for a minute.  But first, some backstory. This past week, a father reached out to us at Overland Teardrop Trailer to get some information about building his own teardrop trailer with his ...
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Creepy Camping Stories

 It’s the season for creepy camping stories.  There is nothing like a classic spooky story shared by friends and family around a campfire. Creepy Camping Story #1: Beetles from Above “I went camping with my husband and our two kids. At night we sat at the picnic table playing ...
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Historic Cowboy Camp Cookin’

 Cowboy Camp Cookin’ is one of my favorite topics.  I’m not a country music fan, know how to ride a horse, wear chaps, or know anything about tending cattle.  My interest derives from camping and recreational vehicles.  Long time readers of this blog will also recall my affection for ...
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How To Sell Your Camping Gear Fast

 Selling Your Camping Gear, large RV, or teardrop trailer fast is an art.  Knowing how to price, what to write in the copy, and what photos to shoot for Craigslist or Facebook can be challenging.  In this post, I’ll share my tips to help you sell your gear fast.  ...
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Boondocking and Teardrop Trailers

Boondocking and Bears are a lot of people’s fear.  One woman told me that if she went boondocking, bears would eat her, and no one would ever find her again.  Crazy fears! Boondocking is actually an interesting term.  It seems to be taking on a number of different meanings.  Some ...
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