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How to Register Your DIY Teardrop Trailer in Maine

Before you hit the scenic routes of Maine with your DIY teardrop trailer, registering your teardrop trailer in Maine with the state’s Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) is essential. Registering your DIY teardrop trailer not only meets legal requirements but also ensures your safety and the trailer’s legality on the road. This comprehensive guide will walk you through each step to successfully Register Your Teardrop Trailer in Maine.

Key Takeaways

VINEssential for registration, serves as your trailer’s unique identifier.
TitleA legal document that establishes your ownership.
License PlateRequired for legal operation; displays your registration number and expiration.
Taxes and FeesIncludes registration fees based on trailer weight and type.
InspectionMandatory inspection to ensure compliance with safety standards.


Get Your Trailer Inspected and a VIN Number in Maine

Maine law requires that all trailers, including DIY builds, are inspected and assigned a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) before registration.

  • Schedule a VIN Inspection: Contact the BMV or an authorized inspection station to schedule your trailer’s inspection. This step is crucial for obtaining your VIN.
  • Prepare for the Inspection: Ensure your trailer is in roadworthy condition with all necessary equipment installed. Weigh your trailer, as its weight affects inspection standards and registration fees. Use a certified public scale available throughout Maine.
  • Documentation Preparation: Complete the Homemade Trailer Application. Additionally, compile all purchase receipts for significant components used in constructing your trailer, such as the frame, axles, wheels, and lighting systems.

Detailed Inspection Checklist:

  • Lighting: Verify that all required lights, including brake lights, turn signals, tail lights, and reflectors, are operational.
  • Brakes: Ensure that all braking systems, whether electric or surge, are fully functional.
  • Safety Chains: Check that safety chains are present and capable of supporting the trailer’s full weight.
  • Coupler: The coupler should be secure and in good condition to safely connect the trailer to the towing vehicle.
  • Tires and Fenders: Tires must be properly inflated and show no signs of excessive wear. Fenders should cover the tires adequately to prevent debris throw.

Upon passing the inspection, the inspector will assign a VIN to your trailer, which you should display prominently.

Get a Title and a License Plate for Your Trailer in Maine

With the VIN assigned, you are ready to officially register and title your trailer.

  • Visit the BMV: Bring your completed inspection certificate, Homemade Trailer Application, MVT-10 form, and the necessary proof of insurance for the towing vehicle.
  • Documentation Submission: Provide all receipts for trailer components, the VIN plate, and your driver’s license or state ID.

Forms and Fees Table

FormDescriptionLinkFee (Approx.)
Homemade Trailer ApplicationApplication for trailer registrationHomemade Trailer ApplicationVaries
MVT-10 FormRequired for homemade trailer inspectionsMVT-10 FormVaries
Registration FeeBased on trailer weight and typeRegistration Fees$10.50 – $40

Keep Your Trailer Current with the State of Maine

Regular maintenance of your registration ensures compliance with Maine laws.

  • Renewal Process: Stay aware of your trailer’s registration renewal schedule, which varies based on trailer type and weight.
  • Record Updates: Promptly notify the BMV of any changes in your address or trailer’s ownership to ensure records are up to date.

Register Your DIY Teardrop Trailer in Maine: Contacts

Successfully Register Your Teardrop Trailer in Maine and start exploring the state’s natural beauty with peace of mind. Should you need further assistance:

Prepare to embark on your Maine adventures, legally and safely!

For more information on the requirements and process, visit the BMV’s trailer registration information page and check their detailed registration fees.