My blog has seen a dramatic increase in traffic since last Thursday.  This is because I finally exposed myself to the largest forum of teardrop builders in the world.  Welcome to all of the mikenchell viewers.  This forum has been invaluable in the planning of the jPod and I thought I’d share it with the world (find my thread here.  I am the greekspeedoman – long story).  To give a small example of the activity…

Last Thursday night I had about 75 hits on this blog.  This morning (Monday) I have 1,032 hits.  These tear droppers are serious and I am happy to show them the project they helped inspire.  Now for something completely different…

Yesterday, I glued the floor together.  You can see the latest on Body: External.

My mother, Senior Management, and I found a tear for sale in Spokane and went to see it.  It was really worn out, bent frame and pretty frightening inside.  The owners have been storing their motorcycles in it and it is trashed.  Now I have a goal: Make a trailer that is better than that one.

Some of the Mikenchell people have been asking for my drawings of what I think I want the trailer to look like.  I have posted the external body drawing on Body:External and my final chassis drawing  on Chassis .  This is the plan that Senior Management and I have discussed and come up with.  It may change but this seems to be the definite direction we are going.  There are many drawings out there that are made with CAD.  I wanted to do that but I also want to build a trailer.  You’ll have to be conent with my drawings.  The only drawing that is to scale, so far, is on the Body:External page.  To bait your interest, here is a preliminary plan for the jPod (it is not to scale).

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