Building a Teardrop Trailer

How to build a teardrop trailer.

5 SIMPLE Protections & Safeguards TO BUILD INTO Your Hand-Built Teardrop Camper Trailer

WHAT IF THE WORST HAPPENS – FIRE, WATER, THEFT? Mark shares 5 layers of protection and security that you can build into your DIY Teardrop Trailer, AS YOU BUILD IT! MENTIONED: _____________________________ 5 Frames for Teardrop Trailers: Teardrop Spare Tire Rack: Weld ON Coupler: FREE WORKSHOP & TEARDROP TIPS Expert Tips for Building Your …

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Tent vs. Teardrop Trailer

Do the math, it never lies! A key to camping in a teardrop trailer is efficient use of space.  Like backpacking, it necessitates careful packing and self-examination of what one needs when camping. When we built our first teardrop trailer, we had concerns over space.  We were tent campers and hadn’t had an RV of …

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We’re All Metal Fans \m/ (x.x) \m/

“I was wearing my Italian leather hand laced moto jacket. Sophisticated yet different; nothing to make a huge fuss about. Rich dark brown calfskin leather – wooden buttons. Matching leather vent. Men’s whole and half sizes. Price: $135.00.” – J Peterman We’re All Metal Fans -whether you know it or not. That jacket sounds pretty …

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The Handyman’s Secret Weapon

“Spare the Duct Tape, Spoil the Job” – Red Green As a teacher, I do a great variety of tasks every day and every year.  Planning events, maintaining communication with vested parties, teaching, grading, and supervising.  Occasionally, I get to participate in school events that are designed for the enjoyment of all.  Recently, we celebrated …

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Senior Management, The Cougar Bait, The Geek, and the Assistant to the Senior Manager

Baby’s First Camp

Mom and Dad do know how to throw a birthday party.  The little Assistant to the Senior Manager celebrated her 1 month old birthday on a camping trip in the jPod.  Since this family arrangement is new to us, Senior Management and I thought it would be wise to camp someplace near our home-base and …

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Camp-Inn Teardrop Trailers - Wisconsin

Adventure Film 05: To Camp-Inn Teardrops

This is the fifth post on the Adventure Film project. If you haven’t read parts 1-4 of the adventure film blog series yet, you can read them here: Adventure Film 01: Ocean Shores Adventure Film 02: Ocean Shores Adventure Film 03: Ocean Shores Adventure Film 04: Glacier National Park   Days 6-7 On the morning …

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