Rent a Teardrop Trailer

Getting a Teardrop Trailer Rental is a great way to decide if you like camping this way.  It is a low-cost but high adventure camping experience.

Renting a Teardrop Camper is also a great way to know what you do or do not want in your own teardrop trailer.  Make a list of those features that you want in your own DIY teardrop Trailer.

Note: These available rental listings are not directly provided by Overland Teardrop Trailer.

58 Heald - By Overland Trailer

The 58 Heald, made by Overland Trailer, is an aerodynamic, light, comfortable, vintage-looking camping option. Its interior queen size mattress and hand-built cabinetry assure relaxation on any camping trip.

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Teardrop Trailer Frame Kit