Accessories for Teardrop Trailers

Choosing the right camping accessories for teardrop campers can be challenging.

You’ll want to pack light with everything you need.  These are the accessories that we recommend to all teardrop trailer campers.

Why These Items?

Multi-purpose camping accessories – since a teardrop trailer has limited cargo space, it is important to have camping equipment that functions in as many ways as possible.
Size and Weight – Teardrop camping isn’t as light as backpacking but a lot of the same principles apply.  Light, compact, and useful accessories leave more room for clothing, food, and more gear!
A Better Experience – Each of these accessories adds to the camping experience to make teardrop camping more enjoyable and convenient in all environments and weather conditions.
Tested – The items listed here are our favorites at Overland Trailer.  If we don’t like it, it isn’t here.

Accessory Categories

Appliances – Products that are add-ons to a teardrop camper but are not core to its structure.  Things like stoves, fans, and electrical accessories.
Clothing – Represent your teardrop lifestyle with our teardrop clothing.  Good for a camp trip or everyday use.
Kitchen – Items that are great for use in a teardrop kitchen.  They fit the requirements of being compact, useful, and quality items.
Outdoor – Accessories that can be added to teardrop campers to extend the living space of the teardrop trailer
Tools – Maintain and build a better teardrop camper with these accessory tools.

How do we decide what to take?

Read Mark’s (Founder @ Overland Trailer) thought process for choosing Accessories.

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