Lighting for Teardrop Trailers

Lighting Your Own DIY Teardrop Camper
Choosing lights for your DIY teardrop trailer can be challenging.  Some lights draw too much electricity for a teardrop trailer.  Others are just too large.  These are the lights that we’ve used and liked since 2009.
Why These Lights?

Efficiency – LED lights are more efficient than standard RV lights but they can produce a harsh light in a cabin area.  We’ve picked these because they’re efficient and look warm.  The external lights are nice and bright.
Easy to Install –  Some RV lights are hard to install and seal.  These are straightforward and install in a few minutes.
Future Proofed – Lights occasionally need upgrading or replacing.  These light styles have endured for years with minimal warranty recalls.

Still choosing your lights?
Check out our original teardrop trailer build for DIY electrical ideas.

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