5' x 10' Teardrop Trailer Plans

The 5′ x 10′ Teardrop Camper Plans are perfect for anyone who loves the idea of building and camping in their own teardrop camp trailer.

Whether you’re a seasoned teardrop builder or just starting out, our plans have everything you need to build your own 5′ x 10′ teardrop camper trailer. You’ll find off-road and on-road teardrop frame plans, teardrop body plans, and electrical diagrams, all designed to make your build easy and enjoyable.  These are the same plans we use when manufacturing a teardrop for sale.

By following these detailed plans with photos, videos, and links included, you’re bound to make a quality 5′ x10′ teardrop:

Off-road teardrop frame plans are tough and durable, perfect for rough terrain.
On-road frame plans are lightweight and aerodynamic, making them great for road trips.
Teardrop body plans let you customize your trailer to your liking
Electrical diagrams and plans make wiring your trailer easy and safe.

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