Teardrop Trailer Plans

Build Your Own DIY Teardrop Camper
So you want to buy plans to build a DIY teardrop trailer! You’re researching drawings, materials, costs, government regulations, finishes, features, and planning countless trips to hardware stores.  It’s a big task for such a small camper, isn’t it?  Overland Teardrop Trailer plans cut through the noise and get you camping sooner.
Teardrop Trailer Plans
Diagrams for every step of the teardrop trailer build.
Tools and Safety Gear lists
Cut Lists and Cut Diagrams (with reference to wood grain direction, smart use of materials)
Video Tutorial Links
Government Inspection Tips

International Shipments?
Yes, we ship worldwide.  We have translated plans too.  Message us and we can further explain how it works.

Not quite ready to buy plans yet?
If you want more information, spend some time with Mark as he shares his experience building teardrops in the Expert Tips Video Lesson.

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