The Old Overland Trailer Logo to the New Overland Trailer Logo - Brand Update

Overland Trailer Brand Update: From Mordor to the Mountains

Hi Campers! Overland Teardrop Trailer did a brand update and some of you have questions!  As the founder of Overland Trailer, I want to share a bit of a story with you—a journey of our brand, from a makeshift logo that could have come straight out of a Tolkien novel, to a fresh and resonant design that reflects our love for the great outdoors and DIY spirit. Grab a cuppa camp coffee, and let’s chat about our little adventure from the lands of Mordor to the majestic mountains.

The Beginnings: A Brand Unintended

Back in 2007, when Overland Trailer was just a sketch on the drawing board and some free plans, I found myself needing something—anything—that could serve as a logo. With the help of a Lord of the Rings font (geek alert!) and a compass rose that I whipped up in Photoshop, our first logo was born. It was never meant to stick. Think of it as a placeholder that hung around like that one guest at a party who doesn’t get the hint that it’s time to leave.

You can check out what our old setup looked like in the archived version of our website.

A Branding That Stuck By Default

Here’s the kicker: that makeshift logo became the face of Overland Trailer. Turns out, when you’re focused on delivering top-notch customer service and engineering stellar products, the logo on your business card takes a back seat. For years, our branding was good enough—it wasn’t hindering us, but it wasn’t helping us tell our story either.

2023: Stepping Out of Mordor

Fast forward to 2023, something in the air just felt different. Maybe it was the collective cabin fever post-pandemic, or perhaps it was just time for a change. It felt right to finally step out of Mordor’s shadow and into the real world with a brand that truly represents who we are and what we value.

Our new logo, which you can peek at on our updated website, does just that. It features our iconic teardrop trailer against a stylized mountain backdrop. And, as a nod to our original compass rose, we’ve integrated a compass into the wheel of the trailer—because who says you can’t take a piece of the past forward?

New Merch on the Horizon

With the new logo came the exciting opportunity to roll out fresh merch. We’ve teamed up with the fantastic folks at Sticker Mule to create die-cut custom stickers that showcase our sleek new branding. These stickers are just the beginning. We’ve got a whole line of gear in the works designed to resonate with our community of campers and DIY enthusiasts. Stay tuned!

Brand Update: Overland Teardrop Trailer

So, there you have it. Our branding journey isn’t just about changing a logo. It’s about growing up, stepping up, and showing up in a way that aligns with our vision for Overland Trailer. It’s about ensuring our exterior reflects our interior—innovative, adventurous, and a tad whimsical. Here’s to more trails, tales, and teardrops in the great outdoors. Cheers to new beginnings and remember, every great journey starts with a single step… or in our case, a new logo, colors, and fonts!

Until Next Time!