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How to Register Your DIY Teardrop Trailer in Maryland

Embark on adventures in Maryland with your DIY teardrop trailer, but first, register your teardrop trailer in Maryland with the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA). Registering your DIY teardrop trailer not only fulfills legal requirements but ensures your safety and the trailer’s resale value. Here’s your complete guide to the registration process.

Key Takeaways

VINA unique identifier is required for your trailer. Necessary for registration and must be visibly displayed on the trailer.
TitleA legal document that proves your ownership. Submit VIN and proof of ownership to obtain.
License PlateNecessary for driving; shows registration number and expiration.
Taxes and FeesIncludes title fee, excise tax, and varies by vehicle specifications.
InspectionMandatory to verify that the trailer meets Maryland’s safety standards.

Get Your Trailer Inspected and a VIN Number in Maryland

To register your trailer in Maryland, it must pass a safety inspection and be assigned a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).

  • Schedule a VIN Inspection: Contact a certified Maryland inspector. You can find one through the MVA or local law enforcement.
  • Weigh Your Trailer: The weight affects your inspection requirements and registration fees. You can weigh your trailer at a certified public scale in Maryland.
  • Prepare Documentation: Complete the Application for Certificate of Title (form VR-005) and gather all purchase receipts for significant trailer components.

Inspection Checklist:

  • Lights: Check brake, turn, tail, and license plate lights.
  • Brakes: Ensure proper functioning of electric or surge brakes.
  • Safety Chains: Verify two chains can support the trailer’s weight.
  • Coupler: Inspect the device connecting the trailer to the towing vehicle.
  • Tires and Fenders: Ensure tires are properly inflated and in good condition, and fenders cover the wheels to block debris.

Once your trailer passes the inspection, you will receive a VIN, which must be displayed visibly on the trailer.

Get a Title and a License Plate for Your Trailer in Maryland

After inspection and VIN assignment, you can proceed to title and register your trailer.

  • Visit the MVA: Bring your inspection certificate, VR-005 form, VR-008 form for plates, and proof of insurance for the towing vehicle.
  • Submit Documentation: Provide receipts for trailer components, the VIN plate, and a valid ID.

Forms and Fees Table

FormDescriptionLinkFee (Approx.)
VR-005 FormApplication for Certificate of TitleVR-005 FormVaries
VR-008 FormApplication for new plates/stickers & transferVR-008 FormVaries
Title FeeIncludes lien filing if applicableMVA Fees$100 (approx.)
Registration FeeBased on vehicle type and weightMVA Fees$135 – $187

Keep Your Trailer Current with the State of Maryland

Keep your registration current by:

  • Renewing Your Registration: Maryland requires periodic renewal based on the trailer type and weight.
  • Updating Records: Notify the MVA of any changes in address or trailer ownership within 30 days.

Register Your DIY Teardrop Trailer in Maryland: Contacts

Registering your DIY teardrop trailer in Maryland ensures legal compliance and readiness for your adventures. For additional help or specific queries:

Explore Maryland with confidence, knowing your teardrop trailer meets all necessary regulations!

For detailed information on registration processes and fees, visit the MVA Title and Registration Information page and check the MVA fee schedule.