This and That

Yesterday I shopped for all sorts of supplies.  I live an hour from town so I wanted to get everything I’d need at once.  When I start my build of the Body, I don’t want to have to worry about supplies. I also think I have figured out a way to make my Jeep hubcaps fit on the wheels so I purchased that hardware as well.

Our Green Bluff Strawberries
Our Green Bluff Strawberries

I was a bit delayed yesterday because Senior Management and I decided to go pick strawberries.  We picked 25 lbs of berries and followed it up with some milkshakes.  Then I had to do all of those normal tasks (change the oil in two cars and two lawn mowers etc).  I got one more coat of paint on the trailer last night.  It looks good.

Today, I hope to get some more housework and yard work done while I paint the trailer again.  I also hope to have the trailer lights on by the end of the day.

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