Toys have arrived

I got a big shipment of components today (Pictured).  It feels like christmas and it also feels like I have a lot of work to get done.  It looks promising that the trailer chassis will be completely painted today and wired for lights.

The new order from Poorman's Bargain Barn
The new order from Poorman's Bargain Barn

I purchased a switch and some 10 gauge wire to wire the Jeep so we can charge the jPod while we drive.  I need to find a time to run those wires.

It is about 90 degrees out right now and almost too hot to think.  I plan to weather out the heat inside by doing some research for our up coming anniversary (6 years).  If things go well, I will decide what Senior Management will get as an anniversary gift.  This time may also let my body recover from being outside in the wheat-toxic environment.  Two birds with one stone.

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