Cooking in the back of a DIY Teardrop Camper Trailer with a double stove slideout.

Why A Teardrop Camper?

Why a Teardrop Camper?

Why would you camp in a Teardrop camper?  Perhaps we should define what a teardrop trailer is first.

What is a Teardrop Trailer?

This tiny camper is a comfortable, simple, and light way to camp. It’s a great step up from a tent and a lot less headache than a large RV.

Teardrop Trailers are:

  • Easily towed by most vehicles
  • A comfortable bedroom
  •  A fully functional camp kitchen
  • Easy to build at home

Historically, a teardrop trailer is a 4-foot by 4-foot by 8-foot trailer that weighs less than 1,000 lbs.  The teardrop is divided into two sections.  The interior holds a bed and a bit of storage.  It is a sit-up-only ceiling.  Off the back of the trailer is the galley kitchen.

Teardrops come in all kinds of shapes (usually with smooth and sweeping lines).  Despite all of the various shapes they stay true to the definition of a teardrop: Sit-up inside and a kitchen off of the back.

Why a Teardrop Camper?  In a phrase, Simple Camping.

Let’s count the ways!

Photo Credit: dwstucke

1. Spend more time Outside

As Allen Hesselbart put it, “It’s a comfortable bedroom and we’ve got 50 states of living room.”  They’re fun to camp in while still keeping your focus on the outdoors and not on lumpy beds on the ground or satellite TV.

Customer Photo: Overland Trailer

2. Teardrop Trailers are sexy

On every camp trip, curious people ask for tours at campgrounds, grocery stores, gas stations, and in the middle of the woods.  The trailer enables connections with other people.

Photo Credit: Nick Taylor

3. The Bed in a Teardrop Camper

…is just plain comfortable.  Campers sleep off of the ground in a safe, insulated, quiet, and comfortable space.  Our 58 Heald features an 8-inch queen-sized foam and spring Serta mattress.

Customer Photo: Overland Trailer

4. The Galley of a Teardrop Trailer

…is one of the camper’s most useful features.  With slide-outs for stoves, ovens, coolers, and refrigerators all of the basic appliances of a large RV or tent camper are easily accessible.  Additional storage for all cookware, cutlery, food, and cleaning supplies make the kitchen nearly as functional as one at home.

Photo Credit: PunkToad

5. Teardrop Trailers are conveniently towed

…by almost all vehicles. A large RV requires a truck or large SUV.  With a teardrop trailer, your car simply needs to have a hitch and simple wiring.  Our 58 Heald weighs in at 780lbs and requires no brakes either (although they are an option).  Subaru owners are our most common customer but we have a wide range of vehicles that tow our teardrop trailers.

Customer Photo: Overland Trailer

6. A teardrop camper makes a small impact

…on the tow vehicle’s fuel consumption.  Since teardrop trailers are small, light, and aerodynamic, campers notice a slight impact to fuel economy.

Photo Credit: PunkToad

7. Teardrops Make a Fast Camp Trip Easy

Since a teardrop trailer can be stocked with non-perishable foodstuffs and all other required camping equipment, a camping trip is as simple as quickly hooking up to the tow vehicle, stopping at a grocery store on the way out of town, and making tracks down the road!  Weekend trips are easy to plan at the last minute and upon arrival, setup time is quick.  This allows teardrop trailer campers time to do what the purpose of any camp trip is…to relax and have fun.  Tent campers can take up to an hour to set up camp where a teardrop trailer can be set up in 15 – 20 minutes.  See our post on this math here.

Photo Credit: John Lloyd

8. They Can be Towed at Highway Speeds by Most Vehicles

Since they are so small and light, most vehicles have no trouble towing them at the posted speed limits.  This makes trip times shorter than the typical RV!

Photo Credit: PunkToad

9. Teardrop Trailer Owners are Rockstars!

This is a growing and large community of people who live the teardrop trailer lifestyle and are friendly, relaxed, and are happy to share stories of their various adventures.  This community has gatherings, websites, discussion groups, forums, clubs, and shows.  There are even magazines just for teardrop trailers.

Photo Credit: Larry Shank

10. Adventurists like Teardrop Campers

Unlike most large RVs, the teardrop trailer will go just about anywhere your tow vehicle will.  This opens up more varied camping options such as overland areas, boondocking, off-road camping, and the open wilderness.  A more aggressive camper can still get deep into empty lands while still living in comfort.  See one of our adventures here.

Photo Credit: PunkToad

11. Minimal Environmental Impact

Especially when camping in the backcountry, teardrops footprint on the ground is very small when compared with that of a tent.  It can be parked on uneven ground with minimal disruption to the ground and the surrounding area.  Throw in how fuel-efficient it is and this is a great way to camp.

Customer Photo: Overland Trailer

12. Teardrop Trailers are Safer than Tents

Teardrop trailers have locking doors and solid walls.  Many campgrounds require campers to sleep in hard-walled RVs (not even tent trailers) because of the local wildlife (usually bears).  Our teardrop trailers have locks on everything and even the coupler can be locked up when not being towed.

Photo Credit: PunkToad

13. Maintenance on a Teardrop Trailer is Easy

A regular check on all exterior seals, lubricating of wheel bearings, and the occasional wash is all our trailers need.  Our 58 Heald is skinned in Stainless steel and keeps a clean look for life.  It is our goal to build trailers that are heirlooms passed to other generations of campers.

14. Teardrop Trailers have Deep History

No one knows who made the first one but it was likely a home builder.  For more on the history, check out our documentary.

Why a teardrop camper?

In short, because they’re awesome and allow us to see more nature and of this world.  AND!  They are easily built in a garage.  Build Your Own!

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