Hammers and Hoses

I am having a pretty bad reaction to the airborne wheat this morning and I’m feeling sluggish.  It is time for lots of medicine and something to make the medicine work faster.  That means it is Hammer Time.

Hammer Time
Hammer Time

The jPod build had its share of surprises yesterday.  We got the floor all glued up and drilled for bolts to the chassis and I glued up both sidewalls.

At one point, I chose to go to lunch.  Since I was hungry and it was 92 degrees outside, I took an hour for lunch.  When I came back, there was a sprinkler on the neighbor’s lawn that had soaked all of my stuff.  The trailer floor was soaked and warping, one of the walls was soaked, my router sat in a pool of water with my clamps and a saw.  Luckily the chassis is completely ready for weather because it too was dripping.

I was a bit peeved (understatement).  I shut off the sprinkler and let my gear dry out.  No one lives in that house right now and there are people taking care of the yard.  I let them know what I thought of their plan to water the lawn (“good it needs it”) and then what I thought of their plan to water my router (“[insert what you would be thinking here]”.

The good surprise is that I straightened the floor and it turned out good (after its watering) and it even fits the chassis of the trailer perfectly.  Excellent.

I’ll test my tools today.  I left them out on the hot concrete to dry.  I also plan to start painting the floor, route some countersink holes for my chassis-to-floor bolts, and draw my profile out on the walls.  At some point, I need to sit down and do a bit more diagramming for the electrical aspect of the trailer.

Hopefully, today goes better than yesterday.  If it doesn’t, someone is going to get hit by an actual flying hammer and then I’ll have some more medicine and coffee.

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