Galley Hatch Wall Edge Trim and Seal


Cover the bare metal and wood edges of your galley walls with this hatch edge trim with bulb seal.

This trim is an easy press on installation that grips on 3 sides of your trailer skin and Wall.  It trims the wall edges for safety and the bulb seal presses against the trailer hatch door to seal the sides of the hatch.

This vinyl trim has a metal core for strength and stability.  MADE IN USA

It is flexible and can bend along a gradual curve. This trim withstands high levels of impact, chemical-exposure, is non-marking, and UV stable. Push this seal onto the bottom galley hatch’s edge to stop wind, dust, and water from entering. 

The Overland Trailer has just under 10 feet of this trim on the sidewalls.

Installation Instructions

For the Overland Trailer, this galley hatch wall edge trim and seal is installed on the plywood and metal edges of the galley walls.  The trim clamps on to the skin and wall and we recommend a spot of adhesive at either end of the trim and a screw to ensure it stays attached to the trailer while traveling.

Material Properties

More compressible than solid seals, this seal has a hollow EPDM foam rubber bulb that resists water, sunlight, and ozone. The foam has closed-cell construction, which resists absorption.

  • Grip Material – Vinyl Rubber
  • Core Material – Steel
  • Temp Range (F) – -20 to 150

We recommend wearing kevlar gloves, for safety, when installing this trim on your bare metal edge.

Meets FMVSS-302 for Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards for flammability.


Weight3.9 lbs
Dimensions12 × 12 × 4 in
Optional Lengths

5 Feet, 10 Feet, 15 Feet, 20 Feet


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