RV Insert Roof Edge Trim Molding


Teardrop Trailer Aluminum Trim Molding Corner molding is used when creating a seal at the edges of the exterior panels to protect against water intrusion. It can be used on roof edges or wall corners yielding a finished, professional look. A good seal is critical for protection against water damage in your RV.

Insert moldings feature a channel that accepts a vinyl insert (sold separately) for covering the screw heads.

This molding is made from aluminum with a mill finish. Aluminum moldings do not rust. These moldings attach with screws, require sealing tape, and optional caulking. (screws, sealing tape, and caulking sold separately)

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Teardrop Trailer Aluminum Roof Trim Molding

This aluminum roof trim seals and secures the edges of the roof and side sheeting on a teardrop trailer.  Installing the trim only requires some screws and RV silicone sealant.  It bends to fit most roof profiles of most teardrop trailers.  For added water protection, add the vinyl trim insert & trim end caps.

“When I made my first teardrop, I finished the roof edges with an aluminum trim molding.  My first teardrop was a fiberglass finish and the aluminum roof trim molding protected the edges from damage.  It works with metal, filon, or fiberglassed trailer finishes” – Mark


1 x 8 Foot Section, 2 x 8 Foot Sections, 3 x 8 Foot Sections, 4 x 8' Sections, 5 x 8 Foot Sections


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