5′ x 8′ Essential Teardrop Camper Part Kit


The 5′ x 8′ Essential Parts Kit for DIY Teardrop Trailer builders has all of the unique and most important parts, for a solid 5′ x 8′ teardrop trailer build.  We’ve handpicked the best parts, that are teardrop trailer tested, and plans are the essentials for what is needed to build a DIY own custom teardrop trailer with plenty of room for creative build ideas.

Included in the Kit:

  • Trailer Frame Wiring
  • Battery Wiring Bundles
  • Galley Hatch Door Seals and Trim
  • Galley Gas Struts and Mounts
  • Galley Door Latch Kit
  • Body Electrical and Hardware Bundles
  • Non-Insert RV Roof Trim (7 pieces of 92″ Trim)
  • 30′ of Butyl Sealing Tape
  • 60″ Hurricane Hinge with Rain Gutter & Vinyl Insert Trim for Galley Hatch

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The essential parts in this kit are all of the unique parts you’ll need to build your own DIY Teardrop Camper Trailer.

Here are the parts included:

  • Trailer Frame Wiring Bundle – Every part that you need to wire your teardrop trailer frame
  • Battery Wiring Bundle – Connect your battery to your vehicle and teardrop body to charge while driving or plugged in to shore power
  • Galley Hatch Door Seals & Trim Parts – All of the seals and trim needed to keep your galley kitchen water tight.
  • Galley Gas strut and Mount kit – Assistance in lifting your galley hatch door with this kit
  • Galley Latch Kit – Keep your Galley door securely closed and locked with this kit
  • Body Electrical Bundle – All of the electrical components needed to wire your teardrop camper body
  • Body Hardware Bundle – All of the hardware needed to assemble the body of your teardrop trailer
  • Hurricane Hinge with rain gutter for Galley Hatch – Open and close your galley door with ease with this water proof hinge
  • Vinyl Insert Trim for Hurricane Hinge – Extra water protection for the Hurricane Hinge
  • 5′ x 8′ Teardrop Trailer Build Plans – Build an exact copy of the manufactured Overland Teardrop Camper
  • 5′ x 8′ Trailer Frame Build Plans – Step by Step plans for welding your own teardrop trailer frame
  • Trailer Frame Wiring Plans – Wire your teardrop frame and camper body with this guide.


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