Teardrop Trailer Camping Gear

Camping Gear for Teardrop Trailers

Choosing the right camping gear for a teardrop trailer is a challenge.  You’ll want to pack light but with everything you need.  These are products that we recommend to all teardrop trailer campers.

Why This Gear?

  1. Multi-purpose camping gear – since a teardrop trailer has limited cargo space, it is important to have camping equipment that functions in as many ways as possible.
  2. Size and Weight – Teardrop camping isn’t as light as backpacking but a lot of the same principles apply.  Light, compact, and useful gear leaves more room for clothing, food, and more gear!
  3. Tested – The items listed here are personally used by us at Overland Trailer.  If we don’t like it, it isn’t here.

How do we decide what to take?

Read Mark’s (Founder @ Overland Trailer) thought process for choosing gear.

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