Teardrop Tool Kit


You never know when you’ll have to do a repair job on the fly. Save yourself a trip to the hardware store and stay on course with the Lippert RV tool kit that’s equipped with a variety of quick-fix essentials.

Quick Facts:

  • Essential tool kit for any new or experienced Teardrop Trailer owner
  • 15 tools and assorted parts for quick-fix jobs
  • Includes a tool bag
  • Cost-effective, RV-specific bundle
  • Makes a perfect housewarming gift for new Teardrop owners or DIYers who want to be prepared.

Fix It on the Fly

Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned teardrop camper, you should always be prepared to troubleshoot problems and make quick repairs on the go with this Teardrop Tool Kit. Our RV tool kit was specifically designed to support any Teardrop Camper Trailer owner with DIY maintenance. Equipped with 15 essential tools for making repairs on the fly, our tool kit also comes with a convenient tool bag, so you can always have the tools you need on hand.

What’s Included

With the tool kit, you’ll always be prepared with must-have tools as a Teardrop owner. This kit includes:

  • Multimeter — Test your electronics with this versatile seven-function digital multimeter. It can test AC and DC voltage, DC current, continuity, resistance, transistor test, diode test and battery test. It also features an easy-to-read, 3-1/2” digital LCD display and automatic zero adjust.
  • Test Light — Quickly check any 6V or 12V fuse with this handy circuit tester. An indicator light in the handle tells you if the circuit can carry an electrical current and features a 5 ft. lead wire and a needlepoint probe.
  • LED Headlamp — Light the way back to your campsite with this waterproof and shock-proof LED headlamp that features an adjustable head strap, three light modes and a light range of 33 ft. All you need is three AAA alkaline batteries (included) for the headlamp to shine bright at 200 lumens.
  • Tire Gauge — This easy-to-read tire gauge has a built-in, 10” flexible hose that allows you to check your tire pressure from any angle. It also has a brass air chuck and a convenient reset button.
  • Wire Stripper Multi-tool — Four tools in one! This crimping tool is designed to work as a crimper, bolt cutter, wire cutter and wire stripper. Made of forged and machined alloy steel for optimal durability, this crimping tool features dipped cushion grips to keep your hands from fatiguing.
  • SAE Allen Wrench Set — This set of hex keys is constructed from durable carbon steel with a black oxide finish to resist rust. A handy ring is included for easy access and organization. Key sizes included are: 1/16”, 5/64”, 3/32”, 1/8”, 5/32”, 3/16”, 7/32”, 1/4”, 5/16” and 3/8”.
  • Ratcheting Screwdriver Set — Repair and fasten with ease! This 29-piece multi-bit ratcheting screwdriver set includes 12 metric and SAE drive sockets, two hex bits, a set of 15 standard, Phillips-head and star bits along with an ergonomically designed screwdriver.
  • Fuse Set — Blow a fuse? Reach for a replacement with this automotive fuse set that contains a complete assortment of standard blade-type fuses in the six most commonly used ranges for cars and trucks. Each fuse in this set is made with transparent PES with zinc alloy inserts along with transparent covers for quick detection of a blown fuse should it happen again. This handy set comes organized in a plastic storage case for easy transport and organization.
  • Box of Wire Connectors — This 158-piece set of wire connectors allows you to easily connect electrical wires without tools or tape. Featuring cone-shaped springs that pull wires into the connectors for a firm grip, pre-twisting wires won’t be necessary. These handy crimp connectors come in a convenient plastic case and are color-coded by size for easy organization and fast selection.
  • Box of Assorted Screws — This selection of 230 assorted screws comes organized in a handy clear plastic case. The Phillips flat head, self-tapping wood screws are constructed from zinc-plated carbon steel to resist rust and corrosion.
  • Utility Knife — This snap-blade utility knife is the ideal cutting tool for everything from carpet and plastic to dicing up your food in a pinch. It features an easy snap-off blade to provide a new, sharp cutting edge, a blade lock mechanism and comes with 10 replacement blades in a protective plastic case.
  • Zip Tie Bundle — Organize your cables and eliminate tangles with these handy zip ties made from durable nylon. Each zip tie has a 3” diameter and is certified to current fire standards.
  • Rolls of Electrical Tape — Fix your electronics reliably with five rolls (60 ft. per roll) of this heavy-duty electrical tape that conforms to sharp contours and holds a tight grip. It works in temperatures up to 176° F (80° C) and on systems up to 600 volts.
  • Roll of Duct Tape — Fix pretty much anything in and around your RV with 150 ft. of all-purpose duct tape. The polyethylene-backed rubber base adhesive duct tape is excellent for quick and easy repairs, labeling and sealing. Plus, it’s resistant to water, abrasions and UV rays.
  • Pack of KN95 Face Masks — Protect your airways during any repair job with this 10-pack of comfortable and lightweight KN95 masks. This mask has a filter performance equal to or above 94% efficiency with a four-layer construction, making it more protective than a standard disposable 3-ply mask.
  • Tool Bag — Fit all your must-have tools in this wide-mouth tool bag that’s compact, easy to carry and features ample inside and outside pockets. It’s constructed from durable, heavy-duty polyester fabric and can hold up to 30 lbs. of weight.


Tool Kit Features

  • MADE FOR TEARDROP OWNERS —Specifically curated for Teardrop Campers, the Lippert RV tool kit has everything an Teardrop owner might need to repair, replace and restore their parts and components without a trip to the hardware store
  • ESSENTIAL KIT —Get yourself out of a pickle without calling a technician. This tool kit is equipped with everything you need to make DIY repairs on the go.
  • VARIETY OF TOOLS —Whether you need to cut back electrical wires or replace a blown fuse, this selection of tools and assorted parts will be able to assist you with a variety of different applications
  • TOOL BAG INCLUDED —Included is a durable tool bag so that you can conveniently store and transport all your quick-fix essentials with total ease
  • A PERFECT GIFT — This RV tool kit makes the perfect housewarming gift for a new Teardropper or a great birthday gift for a do-it-yourself teardrop camper owner


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