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Tent vs. Teardrop Trailer

Do the math, it never lies! A key to camping in a teardrop trailer is efficient use of space.  Like backpacking, it necessitates careful packing and self-examination of what one needs when camping. When we built our first teardrop trailer, we had concerns over space.  We were tent campers and hadn’t had an RV of …

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We’re All Metal Fans \m/ (x.x) \m/

“I was wearing my Italian leather hand laced moto jacket. Sophisticated yet different; nothing to make a huge fuss about. Rich dark brown calfskin leather – wooden buttons. Matching leather vent. Men’s whole and half sizes. Price: $135.00.” – J Peterman We’re All Metal Fans -whether you know it or not. That jacket sounds pretty …

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Animal Attacks In the Middle of the Night – A Story

Something that I’d like the podcasts to do is feature actual camping stories.  The last episode focused primarily on an author and was largely editorial.  This one is just one of my favorite camp stories. I was in the 3rd grade when this story happened.  This is my recollection of the story.  Since many of …

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Are We Too Civilized to Poop in The Woods?

“My wife says, ‘Camping’s a tradition in my family’. It was a tradition in everyone’s family, until we invented the House!” – Jim Gaffigan When did people start roughing it in the wilderness for fun instead of out of necessity? I have long been fascinated by this question.  Our – documentary was intended to answer a …

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Freedom of Travel & The Wilderness

 “Just Living is not enough…One Must Have Sunshine, Freedom, and a little Flower” – Hans Christian Anderson To me, Freedom is adventure.  It isn’t the day to day grind.  That is a groove of habit that becomes a trench with boundaries in my life.  “Freedom,” as Robert Frost wrote, “is being bold.” Freedom is …

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