Legally bound

Today was inspection day and the trailer passed.  It is now licensed and street legal.  This will make getting additional supplies easier.  The officer inspecting the trailer was impressed with how beefy it is.  I have put some final statistics on the Chassis page.

The walls are cut out.  I have put some photos of this on the Body:External.  The only thing that Senior Management and I have changed is the top of the galley.  It seemed that the angle was too sharp as it approached the top of the trailer.  We cut a second curve into that hatch.

It is pretty clear that I am the son of an engineer.  I created a scribing jig to make the curves of the trailer.  It keeps the pencil perpendicular to the plywood and is amazingly accurate.  I even put a screw in the end of the board to hold the pencil steady.  It worked great.

The floor is officially done and seems to be serving its purpose well (I haven’t fallen through yet).  We plan to attach the walls soon.

It is our anniversary this weekend so we’ll take some time off to hang out together (I think we’ll do a triathlon tomorrow -Romantic huh?).  6 years have flown by and we still like each other.  It must be a good sign.  Plus, we can work together in many ways…even on the jPod.

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  1. Enjoy the time off. Congrats on the 6 years. . . you’re really that old? 😉

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