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Senior Management, The Cougar Bait, The Geek, and the Assistant to the Senior Manager

Baby’s First Camp

Mom and Dad do know how to throw a birthday party.  The little Assistant to the Senior Manager celebrated her 1 month old birthday on a camping trip in the jPod.  Since this family arrangement is new to us, Senior Management and I thought it would be wise to camp someplace near our home-base and …

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The 5′ x 8′ Teardrop Trailer Kit

For the first time, YOU Can Build Our Classic Teardrop Trailer!

You can now have the exact parts and plans that we’ve used to build our commercially produced trailers since 2007!

The 58 Heald teardrop camper is an aerodynamic, light, comfortable, vintage-looking trailer.  Its interior queen-size mattress and hand-built cabinetry assure relaxation and organization on any camping trip.  The versatile galley is a great place to cook up nearly anything you desire.  The 58 Heald teardrop trailer is a great way to get away!

Included In This Kit:

  • ALL of our manufacturing build plans, written guides, videos
    • Welded Teardrop Trailer Plans
    • Trailer Frame Wiring Plans
    • Body Construction & Wiring Plans
  • ALL the necessary CNC wood parts for the Galley Hatch Door, Sidewalls, and Cabinetry
  • ALL Galley Hatch Seals & Trim
  • ALL Galley Hatch Hardware – Locking latch, gas struts, brackets
  • All Plywood – You cut according to the build plans
  • All Body Wiring, Lighting, Fan, and charger (Battery not included for shipping purposes)
  • All Body Hardware – slides, brackets, and fasteners
  • Retro Wheels – Tires, Wheels, Baby Moon Hubcaps
  • Round Steel Fenders (Raw steel)
  • Entire Weldable Teardrop Trailer Frame Kit – All laser cut Parts needed for a Steel Frame
  • 2000 lb Dexter Spring Axle & Brackets – Made in USA
  • Two Teardrop Trailer Doors with Deadbolts & Locking Latches
  • Chrome Model A Tail Light Bundle – Classic with glass lenses that read “STOP”
  • Precision CNC cut Aluminum Wall Skins (Mill Finish)
  • Aluminum Roof Skin (Mill Finish)
  • Galley Hatch Aluminum Skin (Mill Finish)
  • Roof Edge Trim, Vinyl Insert, and hardware

We’ve designed the 58 Heald to be as maintenance-free as possible so that your time is spent doing what you want…traveling! The CNC machined parts ensure tight seals and a strong body. Custom cut aluminum skins ensure a solid water barrier.

This little trailer is so light and usable that it can be pulled by any car with a 1000 lb towing capacity or more.

Freight fees are invoiced separately.
Orders are manufactured and filled in the order in which they are purchased.


58 Heald Teardrop Trailer

You Have Found an Older Page for the 58 Heald Teardrop Trailer!  58 Heald Fact Sheet   Options and Upgrades See the Latest Product Updates Here The 58 Heald is an aerodynamic, light, comfortable, vintage-looking camping option.  Its interior queen size mattress and hand-built cabinetry assure relaxation on any camping trip.  The versatile galley makes allowance for …

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Adventure Film 02: Ocean Tears

This is part 2 of the adventure film adventures at Ocean Shores, WA.  If you haven’t read part 1 yet, you can read it here. Day 2 We awoke at about 9 am but didn’t want to get out of bed.  The rain landed on the roof of the trailer and the Assistant to the …

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