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Adventure Film 03: Ocean Tears

This is part 3 of the Adventure Film reports.  If you haven’t read parts 1 or 2, you can read them here:

Day 3

We awoke early on day 3 to pack up and go home.  Day 3 was Father’s Day and since we’re going to have our first little baby soon, Senior Management (and the little Assistant to the Senior Manager) gave me my first father’s day gift (read about it here).

On our way out of Ocean Shores, we made a stop on the beach to film a few more segments to the film.  It was actually pretty nice out & I enjoyed the relaxed feel & smells of the beach.  I was a bit disappointed that the weather was not better all weekend.  We had brought some stunt kites and were looking forward to using them.  As is with such things, it rained the whole weekend except when we were leaving and had no time left to fly kites.  Oh well…

Along our way through the Mt. Rainer National Forest, Landon (film student) and I shot some stock footage for the film and talked about the sound track.  On our way, we stopped at Miner’s burgers in Yakima, Washington.  Landon got a salad as big as his face (no exaggeration),  Senior Management got a sandwich, and I only ordered fries (wheat allergy and all). I find it ironic that Washington is called the Evergreen State.  It was obviously the voters on the west side of the Cascade Mountains who passed that one.  The vast bulk of Washington is a high desert plateau.  Yakima was hot & blessedly dry.  We managed to drive our way back home to Spokane from Ocean Shores in 10 hrs.  We all enjoyed the dryer environment and Senior Management and I looked forward to being at home for one night.

Senior Management had to return to work the next day.  Landon and I were headed to Glacier National Park the next morning (assuming we could finish arranging the necessary permits to film there).  I have visited Glacier National park several times and every time I’ve been struck by the beauty of the park.  Of all the places that we planned to visit, on this quick trip through the US, Glacier National Park holds the most beauty.  It also held the most paperwork to shoot pictures of that beauty.  There was a lot to do.

After drying everything out, charging batteries for cameras, making phone calls, doing laundry, and making food arrangements, we went to bed.  Day 4 would be another busy day of travel and we wanted to be ready.

We unpacked & packed everything again, while trying to slim down on the items we were taking.  Some of the camera gear is quite heavy 80 lbs + per box so we needed to be as light as we could on everything else.

When packed, we slept and prepared for the next day’s journey.  It is a beautiful 5 hour drive through north Idaho and into Montana.  Quite a nice change from the previous day’s journey.

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