Pan-less Apple Pie

Thanks camping gods!

As snow falls outside my window and the temperature drops into the single digets, I realize that the camping season for the jPod has come to a close until spring.  It was a great season of camping.  The jPod put on over 4,000 miles & camped in over 12 states in the US.  Senior Management and I also got to camp with our new born baby in the jPod for the first time.

The camping gods have smiled upon us. I am also thankful for my readers of this little blog.  Many of you have supported this website with your comments, emails, and financially supported the Overland Film.  I am thankful for all of the great people I have met while putting this film together.  So many great minds have weighed in on the history of teardrop trailers.  I am VERY thankful that the film is in post-production now.  It is a lot of work but I know it will be useful in high school classrooms.  I also want to thank the social studies teachers, in advance, who will be testing this film and classroom material pack in their classrooms across the US this coming spring.  I am grateful, beyond words, for all of you.

To me, giving thanks must always involve desert.  This is probably because I am so thankful for desert and that sometimes the most meaningful times of life are spent eating with people.  This year for thanksgiving, I was inspired to make an apple pie.  I’ve never made an apple pie like this one.  It has a completely enclosed top.  It was ridiculously tall (5 inches or so) and was completely delicious.  I know it isn’t camping food or even made in cast iron.  It is just a pie that I thought was amazing.  Senior Managament and I have decided that the recipe will be come a family trade secret.  Too bad your computer isn’t scratch and sniff.

Once more, thank-you to everyone who reads my ramblings & has supported this camping adventure.  What is amazing to me is that the jPod has inspired similar builds around the world  this year (Chile, Michigan, Mississippi).  That is exciting and unexpected. Many thanks to all and here’s a slice of pie on me.

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