10% funded & music to my ears!

I pulled the jPod out of the garage for the first time this year.  I wish it was to go camping.  With single diget temperatures promised by the weather people, I am not going to see camping very soon.  However, it was nice to pull it out and look at it outside.  I did some cleaning and filming for the overland film project.  It was an afternoon well spent.

The Larry Shank Kickstarter Project is off to a good start.  There are 74 days left to raise the funds needed to make the film and we’re 10% of the way there.  Thank-you to those who have pledged!  Read more about the project here.

I am furiously editing the Overland film so that it is done before launching the production of the Larry Shank film.  Today, I recorded some soundtrack stuff in my studio.  I’ve included a sample here.  It is just raw as I recorded it so the audio needs cleaning up and such but it will give you an idea of a tiny bit of the soundtrack (at least that part that I’m doing).  Overall, I have about 25 min. of the final production in the can.  Of course there is more to do and then I need to polish it.

I’ve decided that film making is a great winter activity.  I particularly like editing the adventures of the jPod.  This way I can focus on camping for a while and make plans for the next camping season. I can’t wait for the camping season to begin.  I also can’t wait to be done with the overland teardrop trailer film.

A sample from the soundtrack for the Overland America Teardrop Trailer Educational Film

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