Landon all geared up

Overland Trailer film featured at WWU

This past summer, I traveled the US in search of the story of teardrop trailers. The goal: make a documentary film about teardrop trailers that can be used in high school classrooms & viewed by enthusiasts (support and read more about the film here). As part of this project, I asked a student at WWU, Landon, to help me with the project. Landon is a senior Film Major at WWU and wants to make travel documentaries. So I, a teacher, and Landon, the Film Student, traveled over 4,000 miles in 2 weeks to get the basic footage for this project.

Becky St. Clair, a journalist from WWU, interviewed Landon about our adventure last summer which has not only inspired the original documentary but also a second project focused on telling the story of Larry Shank (read more about that project here)

Read the article that Becky St. Clair wrote about our adventure last summer.

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