LED Dome Light – Red/White LEDs

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This is a great multipurpose, efficient, and easy to install LED Dome Light with Switch for Red\Warm White Light.

There are many lighting options out there, but few look great in your teardrop trailer. At Overland Trailer, we chose this great light as our LED upgrade option. It blends just the right amount of classic look and energy-saving technology.

This dome light features a switch on the light for simple wiring and 3 screw surface mounting for ease of installation. A surface-mounted LED down-light, with switch. Switching on the white light gives you brilliant illumination. The red LEDs may not wake your sleeping partner, attract fewer insects, and keep your eyes fresh for viewing those starry nights.

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Every Overland Trailer features one dome Light in the sleeping Cabin and two in the Galley Hatch.  The base model dome light is a conventional light bulb.  This LED upgrade ensures the efficient use of energy and flexibility for color and use.

highly polished 304 stainless steel LED dome light
* Clear PC lens featured with StarView lens pattern is uniquely designed to vastly distribute the lighting illuminated from white LEDs to a wide beam angle of no less than 120°
* Ideal for interior use in boats, RV and other applications
* Circuit board coated with conformal coating to resist moisture, corrosion, and vibration
* Rated for 12V, tested to 13.8V
* Contains 30 high-quality Superflux P4 white LEDs, with a projected lifespan of 100,000 hours!
* Low profile slimline design
* They produce virtually NO HEAT, preventing the distortion of lens covers
* Great light output and uses only a small percentage of power compared to incandescent lighting
* Durable high polished stainless steel construction, with ON/OFF rocker switch
* Circuit board completely sealed in epoxy resin, to resist water, corrosion and vibration
* Low power consumption & long term lasting
* Includes tinned wire tail (approximately 150mm long)
* 4 x stainless steel mounting screws provided
* Easy to install

* 30 super bright SUPERFLUX P4 LEDs (21pcs Neutral White 9pcs Red)
* Colour: Warm white
* Voltage: 12V DC
* Current draw: Only 157mA
* Power draw: 1.9 Watts
* Dimensions: 139.7mm diameter, 29.1mm high

Suitable for many 12V DC applications, including:
* Automotive / 4×4 interior lighting
* Boat cabin lighting
* Caravan lighting
* Bunk / reading lighting
* Truck lighting
* Camping & outdoor lighting
* Garden & exterior lighting

Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 10 × 1 in


3-Way Switch on the light unit toggles between Off, White, or Red LED lighting.

Install & Specs

It is best to pre-drill screw holes to prevent fastner stripping out the wood.  The wring is a simple red and white pigtail that can be easily added to the trailer’s wiring harness with wire ties, solder, or a coupler clip.


Housing: Stainless steel.
Finish: Polished stainless steel
Mounting: Surface via 3 screws hidden behind lens
Bulb options: <2W White LED array (included), <1W Red LED array (included)
Switch: Light mounted On/Off/On (White/Off/Red light)
Dimensions: ~5.5 in diameter, ~1.1 in height

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  1. Shadrach Oneal (verified owner)

    This light is very well made, and looks great. I would definitely recommend it.

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