Son of a Biscuit

One of my fears became a reality today.  I fear making a major mistake that requires the entire US gov. to help cover up.

Today was somewhat productive.  I managed to work on the jPod between yard-work and other duties.    I did some follow-up sealing work underneath the trailer where the walls attach to the floor. I also got the inside of one wall wired up and skinned.

Drilled a 5/8" hole too low.  Now what?!?!?!?
Drilled a 5/8" hole too low. Now what?!?!?!?

Right at the end of the day, I decided to cut the newly skinned inside for the doorways, electrical access, and windows.  I pulled out the router and cut away.  The “oh-poop” moment struck when I drilled a pilot hole for the router that should have been in the electrical access point on the galley bulkhead.  I was confused by some of my pencil marks on the wall and drilled it too low.  SON OF A BISCUIT!  Of course by this point, my polyurethane adhesive was pretty much dried and nothing would pull the skin off of the inside unless it was a good fire.

So I have a 5/8 hole to work with.  I don’t want to patch it because that will show through a natural finish.  I need to find a creative way to work with the hole.  Apparently, my brain hates me and thinks that the challenge of building a tear for the first time isn’t quite enough problem solving.  Oh well.

I have updated my Body:External page with new photos & Body: Internal with the pictures of the new skin.

In a more joyful mood, I ordered the hinges for the cabin doors.  I decided to go with McMaster’s Harsh Environment Living Hinge.  It is a UV resistant plastic hinge that can hold 100lbs per square inch.  It should be durable and will be easier to seal up than a conventional piano hinge.  Plus, it should be pretty quiet.  I’ll add McMasters to my Material Supplier page when I receive the hinges.

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  1. You could put an indicator light or some sort of decorative trim peice there????? I really don’t know. . . have fun with that one.

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