A Mini DOG

My high-school teaching life has been all consuming recently.  After 7 years of teaching, I have come to expect that a teacher, in the month of May, will accomplish one task: work my tail off until my students graduate from high school.  Consequently, progress on the jPod is merely a nice idea.  The only actual progress I’ve made is designing some graphics to cut out of sheet metal & embed in the counter top for the galley (see my other project that inspired the counter top).

However, I spared 1/2 of a Sunday, so that my family & friends were all able to put together a little Dutch Oven Gathering (DOG) at our house (Pictures below).  This was a great deal of fun & we hope to do it again.  Among my father-in-law, father, & I we have the following Iron:

  • 1 – 10″ Camp Chef DO
  • 1 – 14″ Camp Chef DO
  • 2 – 5″ Lewis & Clark Commemorative Edition DO
  • 1 – 12″ Deep Lodge DO
  • 1 – 12″ Lodge DO
  • 1 – 14″ Lodge DO
  • 1 – 10″ Lodge DO

Our Menu was determined by each of us individually & we simply shared our eclectic mix of foods for our meal.

My Menu:

  • Chili – Described in my previous post: Bent & Not Broken) – Gluten Free
  • Biscuits – my first shot at a bread product and it turned out alright!
  • Blueberry Buckle (adapted from Kellene’s Recipe) – My changes to her recipe -besides the Dutch Oven: hand thickened blueberries -not canned & used a gluten free cake mix instead of the yellow cake mix she uses.  This is really good stuff. Great work Kellene!

My Father-In-Law’s Menu:

  • Chili topped with Cornbread – A home made recipe of his that filled the back yard with lovely smells.
  • Blackberry Cobbler – So thick & yummy.

My Father’s Menu:

  • Lasagna – This was amazing & was several layers thick. The dish was put together by Travis, a good friend. – Gluten Free
  • Greek Olive Bread – Amazing bread that was moist & very tasty (Gluten Free).
  • Broccoli covered in garlic infused Olive Oil – This is a family favorite since my childhood. Although it was the first time it was done in a DO.

So we ate, had left-overs, & dream of doing it again.  It seems that this Dutch Oven addiction is beginning to be a family thing.  Food, Folks, & Triple Bypasses here we come.

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