The Overland RV Film Gets Support

As a high school history teacher, I regularly view educational films.  This got me thinking one day so I started plans to make a film which would feature teardrops & tiny trailers.

Recently, I received the Don Keele Award for Excellence in Education to create an educational film (in HD) which will feature teardrops and tiny trailers in early 1900’s America. (read more about it here)

The total cost of making this film is going to be about $6,000.  The award funds will match every dollar donated up to $3000 (which would get me to my goal).  Several organizations and institutions have agreed and already are helping with this project:

  • The US Library of Congress
  • The National RV museum
  • Camp Inn Teardrop Trailers
  • The Don Keele Award for Excellence in Education
  • Walla Walla University
  • Various Teardrop builders & owners.

Recently, I met with Walla Walla University about producing this film.  As it turns out, this project fits the criteria for a Senior Project at Walla Walla University.  A graduate of 2011 will be helping me make this film and by working together, we will not only create a great educational tool but help his education as well.  WIN!

As I have been scripting and meeting with experts in writing and film production, I’ve been tinkering in my music studio.  I am a teacher by trade but I have a side business of a small music studio.  I plan to do all of the audio production in house.  There is one band which I have recorded in my studio and have a great relationship with.  I asked them to join and help make the soundtrack for this film.  They agreed.  Paper Astronomer is a Seattle based Indie Band that has just released a new album.  They are a great group of guys and I look forward to mixing the soundtrack on this film.

I am quite wary of the stereotypes of educational films.  They are usually poorly executed and appear as though the production budget was either squandered or was about $10 (I should know, I watch way too many of them as a teacher).  My goal is to produce a professional film which has quality cinematography & a solid audio track.  I hope that not only my students, and others like them, will enjoy watching but that they will also be less distracted by the film’s shortcomings and more focused on the topic at hand.

So far, about $500 have been donated to this project.  With the matching funds, that’s $1000.  1/6 of the way there.  It is a great milestone but there is more to do!

If you’d like to help with this project by offering your expertise, time, or finances, please contact me or donate here.



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