Working the Galley

The Galley is the last big project for the jPod.  I have started it 3 different times only to remove my work and start again.  After camping in the jPod for a weekend, we have finally decided what we want from our galley.

A new discovery is a 12V refrigerator which pulls very little on the battery -it uses the same compressor as an Engel refrigerator.  In my last redesign, I am making an area for this refrigerator -with the hopes that I’ll be able to afford to put one in someday.  Our friend Karl recently purchased one and I await his review of it.  Here’s a picture of the Compact EdgeStar Portable Refrigerator.

Here are some photos of my recent progress on the Jpod.  I dry fitted the gas struts & they make opening the back hatch so much easier.  I look forward to the final install of those -I need to do some finish work first.  I also mocked up the stove slide out.  I bought & bent a piece of stainless steel sheet metal for the stove to slide out of.  The stove will come out of the stainless hood & the stainless hood will come out of the galley hatch.  In essence, it will telescope out of the back of the trailer & make more counter space.  I’ve also updated the the Galley page on with more pictures.

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