10 Years of Trailers

“Time is the most valuable currency so spend it wisely” – Debasish Mridha

Indeed it is true!  Nathan and I at Overland Trailer started our first trailer 10 years ago this summer as a hobby project.  That trailer was for my own use but unbeknownst to us, started a whirlwind of adventure in the form of a business, helping home-builders, trade shows, and a feature length documentary that brought in heavy hitter sponsors.  It is an understatement to say that we are thankful to the teardrop community for your enduring support since we first hit the big time with our Consumer Reports Blog that momentarily went viral (Read it here).

In our industry of recreating the past, tradition plays a major role.  As children, we remember walking into Ma and Pop shops, like our own and seeing a framed dollar bill on the wall.  Inevitably, it was the first dollar that the business had made.  Modern banking has left us at Overland Trailer without a dollar on the wall but with numbers moved from one computer to another.  This begs the question, how do we celebrate the 10 year anniversary of the genesis of our company?

TT_01For years, I’ve had the first license plate from that first Overland Trailer -dubbed the jPod.  I haven’t known what to do with it as it carries feelings of nostalgia.  Then a year ago, I had the idea for making a guitar.  Yes, a full year ago I started making plans for the instrument that you see in this post.  The final product is a raw banjo sounding instrument until plugged into an amplifier.  Then it is an unwieldy rock guitar.  It will take a lot of practice to learn all of the foibles of this one!

The guitar is made from the first license plate, discarded parts from the original trailer, a photo of the first trip in the jPod (read about it here)(watch the video here), and a trailer shaped head-stock that is an exact CAD dimensional shape to the current 58 Heald trailer from Overland Trailer.  It is our Legacy Guitar!

Thank-you again teardrop campers.  We love our work!

Enjoy the photos and a video of me unleashing this thing for the first time.  It blew my mind!

Until Next Time!  – Mark

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