Building a Teardrop Trailer

How to build a teardrop trailer.


It has been a few days since my last post.  Much has happened. Senior Management and I got the outside walls skinned, filled all of the holes, and put the first layer of epoxy on them.  I also put a thin layer of polyurethane on the inside of the walls.  The walls are wood and […]

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Getting Warmer

Yesterday, I awoke feeling good (7 straight hours of sleep!).  This is a rare event because of the wheat allergy.  Usually, I am awake at night with itching, a migraine, breathing problems, or stabbing pains.  A good night of sleep is often motivating.  It is just one more reason I am glad Senior Management and

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Legally bound

Today was inspection day and the trailer passed.  It is now licensed and street legal.  This will make getting additional supplies easier.  The officer inspecting the trailer was impressed with how beefy it is.  I have put some final statistics on the Chassis page. The walls are cut out.  I have put some photos of

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The Cycle

Yesterday I got quite a lot done (although it doesn’t look like much).  I went through the cycle of painting the bottom of the floor four times with Rust-oleum and then putting automotive undercoat on it.  It turned out quite well. I have added photos of the process to Body:External. I also finished a wiring

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