Merry Christmas From OT

About the Photo: This is our first customer ordered 58 Heald Trailer in the Vibrant Yellow color.  During this build, we dubbed this trailer “The Honey Bee” for two reasons.  Obviously a black and yellow trailer looks like a honey bee.  The second reason is that the customers are involved in the honey and bee keeping industry.  A perfect camping vehicle for some bee keepers!  We just finished this trailer & that makes a very merry Christmas for some newly inducted teardrop campers.  This also concludes our 2012 production.  Time to take a few weeks off and we’ll get started on the 2013 models.


Merry Christmas from Overland Trailer!  We’ve had a good year and look forward to the camping adventures of 2013.

As I think of this past year, I am nothing but thankful.  Honestly, that is the best way I have ever ended a year.  It isn’t about presents or parties.  Simple gratitude for the experiences (good and bad) for this past year.  The camping, the friends, the work of designing and building these little trailers, those of you who read my occasional blog posts.  I’m thankful for all of it.

I want to offer my many thanks to those who are fans of Overland Trailer.  This started as a blog of my trailer build (the jPod), grew into a successful feature-length documentary film (“Historic Camping and Teardrop Trailers”, and now a retro-styled teardrop trailer small-business.  I never thought that would happen.  I just wanted to go camping.  Actually, I STILL just want to go camping!  Life takes us by surprise sometimes.

I have more camping adventures queued to blog and document for your reading or viewing.  There has been a publishing gap recently because we welcomed another member to our family, a son.  This is perhaps, my biggest point of thanks for this year.  A son, a daughter, mom & dad?  Yep, that’s a full bunk & bed in the teardrop.  That must mean we’re done having children.  We’ll see what the future holds but if the trailer is any indicator, that’s it for this family!

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas & a great new year.  May your plans for this next year be successful and full of camping!






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