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Better than Playground Slides

As a teacher, the bulk of my work on the jPod has to wait until summers. After classes got out for summer break, I’ve gone into overdrive mode to finish the jPod build. Any teardropper will tell you that their teardrop is never done. Yet, I want mine to reach a certain level of accomplishment in a certain amount of time before I move to the next change/improvement I make to the jPod.

The galley has been my recent focus (photos below & on the Galley Page) but I’ve also done some internal work too (see Body: Internal for more photos).

A jeeping friend sent me a picture of a slide out drawer that telescoped out of a jeep trailer. It had two or three levels & was really quite clever. I’ve wanted to do this too and finally was able to purchase the stainless steel to make it for the Camp Chef Outdoor Camp Oven. In the future (again, one of those changes/improvements), I’d like to cut some round holes in the side of the stainless slide-out counter to lighten it up a bit. I’ve never seen something like this in a teardrop before but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t been done.

The trade off is that the extra slides use up about 1″ of horizontal space in the galley. However, the slide-out provides an additional 20″ of counter-top. It is really stable & doesn’t sag. If you plan to do the same in your rig, you MUST get heavy duty roller-bearing slides that can take the abuse. Senior Management and I both thought it was worth it. After camping with it once, we’ll never go back!

Here’s a video demo of the slide-out of the build.

A recent modification to the jPod Galley to better utilize space. This slide out counter provides a lot more counter space.

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  1. Mark, the oven pull out is pretty cool! I’m curious, though, how much weight it will handle? Pulled all the way out, it looks like you have maybe a 36″ lever with an oven sitting on it. What happens when you load up the stovetop and put a roast in the oven?

  2. I have 200# slides on it so it can take quite a bit. The oven weighs about 46 lbs so and the rest of the hardware is about 6 lbs. There is plenty of extra strength.

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