Now We’re Cooking

Our Tree in the Backyard
Our Tree in the Backyard

Christmas afforded little time for work on the jPod but some work was accomplished.  With about 5 feet of snow in a week, I spent most of my spare time shoveling the driveway, street, roof, other people’s driveways & roofs, pulling people out of the ditch, & generally wishing I could move without aching.  Plus, it was pretty cold some days (single digit’s).

I managed to rough out the bunk bed/shelf system for the inside of the cabin (see Body: Internal).  I am pleased with the outcome of that build.  Senior Management and I also looked at foams that could provide the required cushion for the bunk/shelf.

I installed the bottom of the cabinet for the galley & cabin.  The overhang into the cabin isn’t as obtrusive as I had expected.  I need to frame it out yet but the project is changing (see Body:Internal).

In the past few weeks, Senior Management and I have rethought the galley arrangement and have made some changes.  I don’t have a drawn plan yet but I will make one and update soon.  The galley side of the cabinet we chose to overhang the counter top about 2.5″.  This brings the front of the cabinet flush with the top hinge of the galley hatch, provides a bit more storage space, and provides a hidden place to put counter lighting (see Galley).

Over Christmas, my Dad gave me a Dutch Oven.  Many tear owners cook in Dutch ovens.  My dad, a 10 year Dutch oven chef, wants to encourage me to be cool like everyone else.  I look forward to being an iron chef.  Senior Management also purchased some Lexan dishes for the trailer.  It is exciting to see these things because it provides hope that we’ll be able to go camping in the jPod this summer (see Galley).

As part of the build, I chose to sink the Camp Chef oven into the bulkhead wall about 1″.  This allows a bit more room in the cabin and we can still slide the oven in and out from under the counter for easy storage.  I am pleased with this design change as it better utilizes space (see Galley).

Senior Management & I have come up with our counter top design.  I am excited about it but I think I’ll keep it a secret for now.  A teaser seems fun though.

After making all of the necessary updates to this site (reflecting the progress I’ve made), I added a page called projects.  I usually have more than one project going at a time so I thought I could feature some other things I have built.  I was encouraged to do this after a fellow teardrop builder wanted to see my air filtration system for my shop.  You can visit the newest part of the site by looking under “projects

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