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Simply Growing!

“Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.” – Ben Franklin

If you have visited The website recently, you’ve probably noticed some changes in the website function.  This is because has a new division under the license Overland Trailer, LLC.  A friend, Nathan, and I are starting a small business making vintage-looking teardrop trailers.

All of our trailers are hand built from the steel frame, cabinets, and custom galley.  Since our economies of scale are small, we can customize our basic design with many options and features to help our customers make a trailer that fits their needs and keeps that vintage look. (See our commercial trailer here)

For those of you who fear that this website will “sell-out” and go all commercial, you can stow your fears.  Nathan and I are both full-time educators and have no plans to leave our careers [ahem – we actually did leave our careers a few years after this was posted].  The overland trailer blog will remain the same.  The original jPod trailer design is still here for your use. The teardrop film is still raising funds for education.  Camp cookery is alive and well.  Advice for building your teardrop trailer will continue (personal & on the blog).

We put our basic reasoning & business philosophy into a letter for our business license.

A little information about Overland Industries LLC.

            The company was started by Mark Janke and Nathan Henson as a way to pursue their hobbies in camping and specifically teardrop trailer camping.  Mark and Nathan are both educators that want something to apply their hands to during summer vacation.  Another goal of Overland Trailer is to develop a business at which Mark and Nathan’s families will be able to participate in.  Mark and Nathan feel that it is important to raise their children (present & future) in a way that will keep them busy (and out of trouble), teach them to work with their hands, and allow them to learn money management skills.


That pretty much sums it up.  Tell your friends & family.  We’re in business.  What you have come to like about isn’t going away.  We’re simply growing!

We have only 2 build slots left for this year!  Start your Adventure.




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  1. We ADORE our Overland Trailer. It has provided many happy memories so far. We love driving into a campground and watching heads turn as we go by! Someone asked us if we shrink when we climb inside! But as soon as we opened the doors and showed off the interior, he understood. With our 4-year-old on the bunk and our 2-year-old in the queen-size bed with us, we fit perfectly! Yes, the kids will be in a tent eventually, but for now the convenience is our favorite feature about the teardrop. On the way home from camping last summer we stopped at a park and I opened the hatch to fix a quick lunch for everyone. When we’d finished, my husband said, “Wow. That was awesome. I think being able to do that alone makes the price of the trailer worth it!”

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