Tear Drop Design Ideas

I have had to develop many of my methods for construction.  I have also had lots of input from other tear builders.  However, I think the most innovative craftsman out there is a guy named Joe Harmon.  He is building a car out of wood that will go 240mph.

The jPod is not a car but it is made of wood and uses many of the same materials.  Joe also has a great tutorial on making vacuum bags for various parts.  You can see it on the Wood Magazine website here.

Joe Harmon's Splinter
Joe Harmon's Splinter Car

This wooden car is featured in Wood Magazine (October 2008 Issue 186). It is called the splinter. I found its finish interesting…fiberglass epoxy. Just like some TD builders use (myself included).

Joe Harmon is a grad student who is building the splinter sports car for his senior project. He has some pretty original designs and ideas for making bodies out of wood.

Read more at:

or read his blog

The Discovery Channel featured the Splinter this week and tested his wooden wheels.  The spokes can withhold 6000# before failing.  That is impressive.  Joe hopes to get a job designing cars someday.  I think he is well on his way to accomplishing that goal.

I wonder what could be done for a TD with lightweight materials and epoxy like Joe Harmon is doing?  No matter what, his project is worth checking out.

As for our jPod project, it has received a first coat of primer and is now a white trailer.  It is a weird transition from the natural wood look to a shocking primer white.  Senior Management sanded, stripped the walls, and primed the jPod while I was at work.  She is putting in lots of time on it and it is looking nice.  I even have neighbors calling me to work on it while I am away.  They are people I trust so the project continues while I work.  It is nice to have such people.

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